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Fundacion Colegio Lontanaza is an educational non-profit that gives impoverished children in Villanueva, Casanare Colombia scholarships to attend school and learn English. Scholarships include food and uniforms. 

Laura Alejandra

Laura Alejandra

While sitting at a park near Lontananza, reading a book in English, Laura comes up to me and starts asking me about the book. She gets very excited when she finds out it's in English and that I can read it all. From that we started chatting and I just fell in love with her aspirations,  positive outlook, and people skills among many other things. When she asked me how often I passed by the park because she was wondering if I could teach her English... She got me!

She told me she had asked her parents for classes but they couldn't afford them, so I offered to let her attend the night community English class offered at Lontananza for free. She was very excited! Asked if I could go home to ask her mom, then I learned that she wasn't able to get into school this year and she was very bummed about it. Long story short.... she's not attending Lontananza on a full scholarship!

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