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Fundacion Colegio Lontanaza is an educational non-profit that gives impoverished children in Villanueva, Casanare Colombia scholarships to attend school and learn English. Scholarships include food and uniforms. 


Our Story

Our Story

All photography provided by Adelaida Diaz-Roa

Since 1992, we have fought to keep impoverish children in school. By giving them comprehensive education and teaching them English, these children will have more opportunities in their future. 


Our story

    Colegio Lontananza (meaning “without limit”) is a bilingual non-profit elementary school in Villanueva, a small town in  Colombia. The school was founded by Martha Roa in response to the civil war in Colombia. She explains: “I decided to focus on the children to tackle the crisis in Colombia. The war has been going on for decades. Children have become adults who have become combatants. The best way to stop this cycle is to keep the children at school and away from the violence.” According to a report from Human Rights Watch, at least one fourth of irregular combatants in the Colombian civil war are children, usually from poor families. To give these children an alternative path, Roa created a scholarship for underprivileged youth, which includes a stipend for uniforms and school supplies.

Nuestra Historia

Colegio Lontananza es una escuela bilingüe sin fines de lucro en Villanueva, una pequeña ciudad de Colombia. La escuela fue fundada por Martha Roa en respuesta a la guerra civil en Colombia. Explica: "Decidí concentrarme en los niños para hacer frente a la crisis en Colombia. La guerra ha estado sucediendo por décadas. Los niños se han convertido en adultos que se han convertido en combatientes. La mejor forma de detener este ciclo es mantener a los niños en la escuela y alejados de la violencia ". Según un informe de Human Rights Watch, al menos una cuarta parte de los combatientesen la guerra civil colombiana son niños, generalmente de familias pobres. Para dar a estos niños un camino alternativo, Roa creóbecas para niños desfavorecidos, que incluye un estipendio para uniformes y útiles escolares.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.
— Nelson Mandela, former president of South Africa, 1993 Nobel Peace Prize laureate

What We've Achieved. LO QUE HEMOS LOGRADO

  • Education integral e intensiva en ingles de párvulos (2 anos) a quinto de primaria.  
  • Ayudar a muchos niños con su educación desde 1992.
  • Educando  a padres para ser mejores y así ayudar a sus hijos.
  • Trabajos con la comunidad.
  • Oportunidad para que los mejores estudiantes puedan viajar a USA y obtener una vision global.
  • Intensive and integrated education in English starting at 2 years old until 5th grade. 
  • Help many students acquire better education since 1992.
  • Educate parents to be able to help grow their children's education at home. 
  • Community service work 
  • Give the best students the opportunity to travel to the US to gain a global perspective.